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Accounting for the Arts

With a long, storied history of supporting leading performing arts institutions, Smith + Howard is a proud partner to the theatrical community.

Theaters are often the cultural hubs of their cities: a place for communities to connect, experience timeless tales and present-day stories, and be amazed by enchanting performances.

Like your performances, your numbers tell a story. Together, we help you connect the dots, build a strong financial foundation, and plan for a bright future: for your theater, your community, and the very art form itself.

The Chicago Theatre in Chicago

“We use Smith + Howard for our audit, tax and special project work. Their advice and counsel is exceptional. Most recently, without Smith + Howard’s advice, we would have missed out on a $4M refund from a tax incentive program.”

David Seem, CFO, Miller-Zell

Serving Nonprofits for Over 50 Years

At Smith + Howard, our advisors have been serving the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations for over 50 years – and we’re just as excited for the next 50.

With proven experience across the full spectrum of theater accounting, our specialists are equipped to help theaters untangle complex revenue recognition and expense allocation challenges, stay compliant with tax laws, and build a long-term financial plan.

Recent years have been extremely challenging for the theater industry, but with our advisors working tirelessly backstage, your organization will be well-placed to build for a bright, sustainable future.

Nonprofit Accounting for Theaters


Every theater faces its own challenges: from recognizing multiple revenue streams to managing complex risks.

Cookie-cutter solutions don’t stand up to the bright lights of showtime. Lasting financial success demands made-to-measure solutions implemented by experienced accounting professionals with the know-how to help your theater thrive.

At Smith + Howard, that’s exactly what we provide. Our tax and accounting services for theaters include:

+ Theater Accounting Services

Whether you need to create and manage production budgets or need theater bookkeeping services, our team is here to help.

Our experience working with theaters affords us an in-depth knowledge of industry best practices that we’re excited to bring to your organization.

+ Theater Tax Preparation

With significant experience in every element of nonprofit tax planning, Smith + Howard brings domain expertise in navigating the tax laws that apply to theaters.

Whether it’s special tax treatments for productions, managing UBIT requirements, or handling donor filing processes, our team is fully off-book when it comes to managing tax strategy for theaters.

+ Theater Auditing Services

At Smith + Howard, first-rate technical expertise and responsiveness meets best-in-class technology to deliver an unparalleled assurance process.

Working with our team will build a foundation for donors, board and leaders to have confidence in the financial position of the organization, and prove your theater operates the right way with our independent auditing services.

+ Advisory Services for Theaters

Theaters are cultural institutions, but they’re also businesses. By partnering with Smith + Howard’s Advisory Team, you can be sure your theater operates the right way.

Whether it’s outsourced CFO services to build enduring financial strategies or cyber risk management + compliance assessments that strengthen cybersecurity, our team brings a diverse range of skills to every engagement.

The Smith + Howard Arts and Culture Team

Our dedicated Arts + Culture Team – the best and brightest in the field – oversees all accounting for nonprofits. We use the most efficient methods available and coordinate with the tax and audit teams to streamline processes. Our clients have confidence in our ability to accurately and timely prepare accounting services, advisory services, auditing services, tax provisions, and we do it with genuine care for your organization.

Sabre Linahan
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

We have an incredible employee base - people who are smart, dedicated and excited to serve our clients. I am proud to work alongside our people, help them learn and grow, and introduce them to our clients to continue expanding the relationships our clients have within our firm.

Kimberly Bland
Smith + Howard PC
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I love when my clients reach out to me for advice or ask for my opinion. I want to be their trusted advisor, and being able to provide guidance is rewarding and motivating.

Marc A. Azar
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

Our reputation is the most valuable asset and helps attract top talent and clients that are seeking long term relationships. Without integrity, we can’t be an excellent firm to strive to best serve our clients and take care of our people including where the firm can transcend to the next generation.

Nicole Davis
Senior Manager
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I always put our clients first and try to be as proactive as possible. Our jobs are a very important part of our client’s lives, and I want them to know we recognize and respect that, as well as appreciate them.

Daniel Sage
Senior Manager
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

We do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. This applies to how we treat our clients, employees, competitors and acquaintances.

Andrew Hedrich
Senior Manager
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I constantly seek opportunities to connect, develop, and embolden our people to passionately serve our team, our clients, and our community.

Jonathan M. Haynes
Senior Manager
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I make it my personal mission to meet and exceed expectations whenever possible. Helping our clients with everything from filling in any ‘GAAP’ of understanding to recommending better processes for making their lives better – it’s my favorite part of what I do.

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