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Creating value in the short and long term


Preparing annual tax returns without proactive tax planning will most certainly result in paying more tax than required. 

Planning before, during, and after the tax return process ensures you minimize your tax liability and stay in compliance with the many tax rules and regulations.

A comprehensive and consistent approach to your taxes will result in the growth of your personal net worth.

To prosper through the impacts of external factors — like new tax legislation and economic fluctuations — and internal factors — like family changes or revised personal goals — you need a team you can trust.

Skilled and responsive tax experts can help you uncover your personal tax saving opportunities through every season.

Ongoing Tax Planning

Far from an annual endeavor, tax planning deserves your attention throughout the year and over the longer term:

  • Whenever you have a significant change in your personal life, such as starting a family, the death of a family member, an inheritance, or other major life event
  • Whenever you have make a business decision with tax implications, such as selling a business, starting a new business, or expanding into new states or countries
  • Whenever your goals change, such as a shift in your retirement timeline, a new objective for wealth transfer, or a charitable giving initiative

To achieve the best possible outcomes, you will want an advisor that not only understands the tax considerations but also the financial implications. We will be proactive and responsive in all things that relate to your tax situation.

Tax Compliance

There are many ways a skilled tax expert can structure things so you remain in compliance and still pay taxes at a minimum rate or recognize tax benefits.

We never lose sight that it is our responsibility to manage both of these objectives for our clients — compliance and tax minimization.

Numerous factors may make your situation more complex from a compliance standpoint. We are familiar with all scenarios and have worked directly with individuals with foreign investments, those who file in multiple states, and those who are filing tax returns that are hundreds or thousands of pages long, to name a few.

Preparing your tax return should be about minimizing your taxes while making the process as painless as possible. We utilize technology, efficient processes, and open communication to ease the filing burden for our clients.

Regardless of the depth of complexity, we come with comprehensive knowledge of tax laws and regulations and are ready to assist.

This is Personal to Us

Whether an entrepreneur, investor, or other successful individual, your tax situation requires a tax team committed to managing your taxes. We believe that you deserve the focus, responsiveness, and proactive planning to ensure your personal wealth goals are met. We take pride in working with our individual clients, their families, and all their related ventures and will provide you with all of the time and attention necessary to support you every step of your financial journey.

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What clients are saying
Abatement Technologies Client Testimonial

“In recent years, Smith + Howard has been invaluable in keeping us abreast of changes to the tax code and wider environment. They’ve guided us through complex issues we had no knowledge of, and time and time again, it’s proved to be invaluable for us.”

Tom Nahigian, retired CFO of Abatement Technologies

“We use Smith + Howard for our audit, tax and special project work. Their advice and counsel is exceptional. Most recently, without Smith + Howard’s advice, we would have missed out on a $4M refund from a tax incentive program.”

David Seem, CFO, Miller-Zell

“Their mindset is different. They’re constantly looking to see what our objectives are and they’re giving us the best possible advice and keeping up with all the rules and regulations. It’s like having an expert looking over your shoulder with what you’re doing.”

Raj Anand, CEO, Southern States, LLC

A Team You Can Trust

Our first individual tax client hired us in 1971 and that individual is still a client today.

We make it our priority to know you, staying close to your situation and becoming an essential advisor as you pave the way toward a successful financial future.


Debbie R. Torrance
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I start every day reading a daily tax update so that I am a smarter and better tax professional every day. I also read more than 50 books every year of all types to be a smarter and better leader. I feel that excellence is the foundation to living up to our client and people values.

Tim F. Agnew
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

Serving clients has always been a passion, but over the last 10 years of my career I have really grown to enjoy helping our people grow and develop. It is extremely rewarding to see people who you hired as an entry level associate advance to manager or partner level and know that you helped them get there.

Melissa Horne
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

Who am I without living with integrity? Definitely not a leader. Clients depend on us to be honest with them and in the work we do. Without honesty and integrity, we will lose the trust of our clients, our co-workers and those we encounter throughout our life.

Cas L. Pittman
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I find it incredibly fulfilling to be a trusted advisor and partner with my clients. I love providing solutions and opportunities to help them meet current business and personal goals, as well as being a part of their family team to bring all around long-term success. It’s inspiring to see how the success of our clients provides success to their employees and communities.

M. Christine Ratliff
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

My guiding principle in life is to live with integrity. One of my favorite quotes from C.S. Lewis is ‘Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.’ With this thought always within me, I know that I will be able to serve my family, community and clients to the best of my abilities.

Marc A. Azar
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

Our reputation is the most valuable asset and helps attract top talent and clients that are seeking long term relationships. Without integrity, we can’t be an excellent firm to strive to best serve our clients and take care of our people including where the firm can transcend to the next generation.

Mark E. Abrams
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

Ultimately, doing the little things the right way when no one is watching every day is the path to achieving success. It permeates throughout all interactions with our people, clients and community. I strive to make the most out of my interactions and relationships with the goal of adding value wherever and whenever I can.

Slayton Gilmore
Senior Manager
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I appreciate how much importance Smith + Howard places on its people. We work together as a team and career development is deeply ingrained in everything we do.

Dailey Dewling
Senior Manager
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

As someone who started here as an intern while still working on my undergraduate degree, I've really felt encouraged and supported in every step of my career. I'm passionate about helping my coworkers feel the same way, because without the best people we cannot be the best firm.

Nicole Davis
Senior Manager
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

I always put our clients first and try to be as proactive as possible. Our jobs are a very important part of our client’s lives, and I want them to know we recognize and respect that, as well as appreciate them.

Scott Whalen
Smith + Howard Advisory LLC

Life is too short to deal with people who don't commit to making the most of every opportunity to help others. I believe doing the right thing and committing to serving with passion will bring success to our firm, our clients and our community.

A Firm of Distinction

Average years tenure of principles, managers, and partners
4,000 +
Tax clients globally served
Consecutive years recognized as Forbes Best Tax and Accounting Firm in America

Additional Private Client Services

Our services include:

  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Family office services
  • Personal financial planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Planning for entrepreneurs
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