Business Tax

“Simple” likely never described the tax function for business, and complex has never been a more apt description. Constant changes in law and regulations, rapid advancement in technology and a growing demand for greater efficiencies put more pressure than ever on the tax function. Smith and Howard professionals understand those expectations and are eager to deliver. As the tax department for your business, we bring extensive knowledge and genuine commitment to developing tax strategies that serve you now and for the future.

Whether you operate out of a single office, have locations in multiple states or an international operation, we’ve worked with others like you, so we’re prepared and energized to put our experience to work for you. We relish the opportunity to grow and partner with you whether in the startup phase, expansion into new markets or preparation of an exit strategy. At each step of the way, we will work with you to minimize your taxes while establishing a long-term relationship built on quality counsel and efficient, responsive service.

Our business tax services include:

  • Business tax planning
  • Entity selection
  • Accounting for income taxes
  • Tax accounting method selection and planning
  • Transaction advisory tax services
  • International tax services
  • Multi-state tax services
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Succession planning
  • Tax controversy

Explore the ways we can help your business with business tax planning and entity selection in the sections below. And please us the Contact An Advisor button at the top of the page if you’d like us to call you to discuss your needs.

Business Tax Planning

Continual and fluctuating tax changes make planning absolutely critical to the overall success of a business’s tax strategy.

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Entity Selection

When starting a new business, expanding or contemplating bringing on additional investors, careful consideration must be given to how the business is legally structured.

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