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Taxes consist of more than what is owed to the IRS. In some cases, state taxes can exceed federal costs, and the related preparation costs can be high. As such, it is important to factor state taxes into your growth plans. The Smith + Howard multistate tax service team is here to help you grow smarter.

We take a practical approach: our first priority is to save your business money on state taxes. 

We’ll find every incentive or credit that can be applied to your business, gather every piece of data, and meet every filing requirement.

Building a national footprint is exciting and ambitious: let us support you along the way.


Expanding Impact

A people-first approach. The Smith + Howard tax team can decipher the complexities of state and local tax rules and regulations. Let us help you to manage your multistate tax obligations at every stage of your business using our proven practical processes.

Minimizing overall state taxes

  • Our top priority is to minimize your business’s overall state tax burden.This requires an understanding of your current business as well as your future plans.
  • Entity type, business structure and operations all play a part in your state tax position. It is important to review all of this and more to implement an effective multistate tax strategy.
  • We’ll determine the states in which you must pay taxes, which states have separate adjustments, and use an integrated approach to minimize your business taxes.

Leveraging state tax credits and incentives

  • Every state has opportunities: jobs credits, research and development credits, and industry-specific credits that can save your business money on taxes.
  • Each time you enter a new state or alter your business model, you need a tax expert who can uncover these opportunities.
  • We’ll evaluate and implement the right processes to take advantage of the tax savings available in each state.

Achieving compliance in every state

  • Do you know where your business is required to file, where it has nexus, and the instructions laid out in state-specific rules? Do you know that flow-through entities have compliance requirements that apply to both the entity as well as the investor level?
  • Our tax team does and will skillfully determine what you have to pay tax on, as well as organizing tax returns, estimates, and how each component part fits into the overall tax strategy for your business.

State Tax Strategy

The nature of anything tax related is that there are both potential opportunities and pitfalls hidden within the rules. And with state taxes it is the rules of all 50 states and many local jurisdictions that we must examine. It is a puzzle we enjoy analyzing and solving. We devote time and resources to researching and understanding the wide range of filing options, tax methods, incentives and credits offered by different states. This ensures that state taxes are minimized for our clients.  

After the planning phase, we utilize the latest technology to streamline compliance practices, allowing us to focus on state tax savings during return preparation.

Our state tax work includes:

  • State nexus studies
  • Employer credits and incentives
  • State apportionment reviews
  • Training incentives
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Restructuring analysis
  • And more
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Indirect Tax

Indirect taxes differ from income taxes in that they are assessed when consumers purchase goods and services. The team at Smith + Howard are experts in indirect tax planning and compliance. Our proprietary tax automation platform reports and tracks tax collections and compliance in real time, on a state-by-state basis. This software saves your business time and money, enabling you to leverage staff in more productive ways while minimizing the risk of errors in sales and use tax reporting.

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A Firm of Distinction

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What clients are saying
Abatement Technologies Client Testimonial

“In recent years, Smith + Howard has been invaluable in keeping us abreast of changes to the tax code and wider environment. They’ve guided us through complex issues we had no knowledge of, and time and time again, it’s proved to be invaluable for us.”

Tom Nahigian, retired CFO of Abatement Technologies

“We use Smith + Howard for our audit, tax and special project work. Their advice and counsel is exceptional. Most recently, without Smith + Howard’s advice, we would have missed out on a $4M refund from a tax incentive program.”

David Seem, CFO, Miller-Zell

“Their mindset is different. They’re constantly looking to see what our objectives are and they’re giving us the best possible advice and keeping up with all the rules and regulations. It’s like having an expert looking over your shoulder with what you’re doing.”

Raj Anand, CEO, Southern States, LLC

How We Help

Our business tax services also include:

  • Business tax planning
  • Entity selection
  • Accounting for income taxes
  • Tax accounting method selection and planning
  • Transaction advisory tax services
  • International tax services
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Succession planning
  • Tax controversy

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