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Business Tax Services

Tax Planning and Compliance for Businesses

A unified approach

Tax planning and compliance go hand-in-hand. They are two sides of the same coin, and our tax professionals understand the power of an integrated approach. Smith + Howard’s tax team will give you the confidence to respond “yes” to the following questions.

  • Are you convinced that you are leveraging every available tax benefit?
  • Are you happy with your tax planning process?
  • Does your tax return process regularly uncover fresh opportunities?

As your outsourced tax department, Smith + Howard will partner with you to make tax smart decisions at every stage of your business.


National Experts in Tax

The process starts with people.

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  • A team of tax experts will work with you to formulate a tax strategy.
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  • We will then review current operations and business plans to implement a practical approach to your tax planning.
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  • Our team will prepare all the required forms while continuing to look for tax saving opportunities throughout the year.

With Smith + Howard, you benefit from strategy driven by national experts in taxation who provide open, proactive communication and a seamless process for ensuring your business has a tax plan that works for the business, not against it.

We are able to masterfully conduct all of these services because we hire and retain the highest caliber talent, rigorously refine our skills, hold each other accountable, and have an unwavering commitment to excellence.

It’s what makes us a firm of distinction.

We’d be happy to work with you.


Tax Strategy

A solid tax strategy takes a long and broad view of your business goals.

Almost every business decision, big and small, can affect your overall tax situation and must be considered as you strategically plan for a purposeful and prosperous future.

Your business needs a tax team that’s on the lookout for opportunities, offering tax strategies you can trust.

Practical Tax Planning

Practical tax planning should yield measurable benefits.

Our team of seasoned tax experts continually seek ways to save your business tax dollars. Tax planning recommendations include consideration of the non-tax implications to ensure that benefits outweigh any related costs.

Through proactive and responsive communication, we customize a plan for your business. We’ll adjust and update the plan as your business changes through the years.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance at Smith + Howard is more than just putting numbers on a form and getting a return filed on time. When you entrust us to handle your tax compliance needs, you also get our recommendations for minimizing taxes as an integrated part of the process.

What does this mean for your business?

  • You will stay within the law, file on time, and work with an efficient tax team with decades of proven success.
  • We’ll take care of all of it: tax returns, quarterly estimates and projections, filing requirements and deadlines, and anything else related to compliance.
  • The process is made easier and more efficient by our advanced use of technology and automation.
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What clients are saying
Abatement Technologies Client Testimonial

“In recent years, Smith + Howard has been invaluable in keeping us abreast of changes to the tax code and wider environment. They’ve guided us through complex issues we had no knowledge of, and time and time again, it’s proved to be invaluable for us.”

Tom Nahigian, retired CFO of Abatement Technologies

“We use Smith + Howard for our audit, tax and special project work. Their advice and counsel is exceptional. Most recently, without Smith + Howard’s advice, we would have missed out on a $4M refund from a tax incentive program.”

David Seem, CFO, Miller-Zell

“Their mindset is different. They’re constantly looking to see what our objectives are and they’re giving us the best possible advice and keeping up with all the rules and regulations. It’s like having an expert looking over your shoulder with what you’re doing.”

Raj Anand, CEO, Southern States, LLC

A Firm of Distinction

Average tenure years of Principles, Managers, and Partners
4,000 +
Tax clients globally served
Consecutive years recognized as a Forbes Best Tax and Accounting Firm in America

How We Help

Tax planning and compliance are the foundation of all our tax services. Acting as your tax department, we plan to minimize taxes and we prepare the required tax forms.

Our business tax services also include:

  • Accounting for income taxes
  • Entity selection
  • International tax services
  • Multistate tax services
  • Private equity
  • Succession planning
  • Tax controversy
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Transaction advisory tax services
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Let’s talk about how you’re looking to grow your business

At each step of the way, we will work with you to maintain compliance and minimize your taxes, while establishing a long-term relationship built on quality counsel and efficient, responsive service.