Business Tax

Business Tax Planning

Continual and fluctuating tax changes make planning absolutely critical to the overall success of a business’s tax strategy. We use your business goals as the starting point in the tax planning process and strategize how to minimize your tax liability and increase your opportunities for growth. Almost every business decision, big and small, can affect your overall tax situation and must be considered in the planning process.

Our practical approach to tax planning ensures that we continually seek ways to save tax dollars while minimizing disruptions to your primary focus of running a successful business. We designed our process to provide a customized strategy that considers tax deferral and permanent savings in compliance with federal, state, local and international rules and regulations. Further, we understand that tax planning is ongoing, and we partner with you throughout the year to identify current and longer-term opportunities.

With Smith and Howard, you benefit from strategy driven by national experts in taxation who provide open, proactive communication and a seamless process for ensuring your business has a tax plan that works for it, not against it.