Social Media Tips for Small Nonprofits

by: Smith and Howard

June 29, 2015

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Social Media Tips for Small Nonprofits

The Chronicle of Philanthropy offered five tips to help small nonprofits manage their social media programs. Communicating with your current and future donors is essential. These social media tips can help your organization develop a strong social media presence that can boost online giving. The following tips from the Chronicle of Philanthropy include:

1. Make sure your website is “Mobile Friendly.”
2. Make sure your online, off-line and in-person messaging is consistent in appearance and theme.
3. Organize to make online involvement and giving a core competency.
4. Craft messages to appeal to all ages. Keep messages crisp, simple and uncluttered.
5. If using social media, be sociable with followers. Not only send out messages, but comment on their posts. Let them know you care about and “like” their posts.

In our experience with nonprofits, organizations must set measurable goals. Nonprofits and small organizations can use free tracking platforms such as Google Analytics, which measures the results of website interactions.  The five tips above were created to help boost your online giving by attracting social media users within the nonprofit community.

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