Why I Killed My Linkedin Account

by: Smith and Howard

May 5, 2014

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There are several ways to use LinkedIn effectively. Some use it simply as a corporate directory. Others use it as a resource for timely articles and some find it a very effective way to make new connections through known connections.

Regardless of how you use LinkedIn, you should be aware of the platform’s Terms of Service. You know, “Terms of Service,” that long detailed fine-print document that you never read, but that you click to say you accept but never actually read. Yeah, that one. User beware.

A recent article by Heather Bussing on HR Examiner highlighted the reasons Ms. Bussing (an attorney) “killed” her LinkedIn account. Her reasons may provide some food for thought for you, as well. The link to the full article is provided below, but some key items include:

  • LinkedIn’s Terms of Service provide the platform with Unlimited License to Sell Your Information to Anyone. 
  • LinkedIn puts all liability on the user. Bussing calls this the most “Draconian indemnity clause” she has seen. That’s saying a lot for an attorney.
  • The article also provides an interesting list of LinkedIn Don’ts that you might want to check out.

For the full article and access to some insightful comments that follow it, click here.

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