The Leadership Institute: “An Amazing Experience”

by: Smith and Howard

May 25, 2016

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Smith and Howard’s 10th Annual Leadership Institute for Accounting Students was held July 16-17, 2015. Event attendees included 19 accounting students and 13 professors from colleges and universities from around the Southeast.  The day and a half event included Day in the Life panel discussions, team building exercises, networking, dinner, a strength assessment, Becker CPA exam tips and a Q+A lunch panel with partners, managers and staff from Smith and Howard.  Students also enjoyed a tour of our office with views 16 stories above the new Mercedes-Benz stadium that is under construction, the Skyview ferris wheel and views of the Midtown, Buckhead and Downtown skylines. 

Students who attended said the Leadership Institute was “an amazing experience: and that the “knowledge gained was invaluable”.  Several students indicated that through this experience, they were able to clearly see that accounting was the right career path for them and were able to determine if audit or tax was the best fit for them.

When asked why they would recommend the Leadership Institute to others, students responded that it is a great opportunity to get a first-hand look inside a public accounting firm, to meet and network with experienced accountants and a great way to build communication and leadership skills.

Smith and Howard’s 11th Annual Leadership Institute for Accounting Students will take place July 14-15, 2016.  Attendees will benefit from a day and a half of networking, leadership skill building and an opportunity to get an inside look at the accounting world.  The event takes place at our office in Midtown Atlanta.  Lodging and meals are provided by Smith and Howard.  This is an exciting learning opportunity that will help students succeed.

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