Internet Sales Tax Alert – U.S. Supreme Court Decision Imminent
Apr 05,2018
If you sell your products online in a state in which you do not have a physical presence, a decision expected to be rendered by the US Supreme Court in the coming months may dramatically change your business. Since 1992, the rule of the land has been that if you do not have a physical presence in a state that you sell products to (nexus), you do not have to charge or collect sales tax from your customers. With the explosion of internet sales, states across the country have been missing out on significant revenue from such sales tax collections. The fight that will decide this issue for the future is now before the Supreme Court (South Dakota vs. Wayfair).  We fully expect the Supreme Court to rule in favor of South Dakota, with several Justices indicating concerns about the original decision (Quill) that established the nexus rule. Justice Kennedy...

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