Smith + Howard Announces Additions to Accounting, Advisory, Assurance and Tax Groups January 2015

by: Smith and Howard

January 19, 2015

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Smith and Howard is pleased to announce the following recent additions:

Angie Schultz, Tax Intern

Beth Margedant, Accounting Services Intern

Charles Witherington, Tax Intern

Clayton Sharp, Tax Intern

Ellen Skelton, Tax Intern

Erica Cochran, Accounting Services Senior

Jessica Thomas, Tax Staff 

Kaitlin Becker, AAA Intern

Kenneth Duncan, Tax Intern

Lien Nguyen, Tax Intern

Margarita Shcherbik, Tax Intern

Nick D’Amato, AAA Intern

Nicole Kim, Tax Intern

Nikos Papanikolopoulos, Tax Intern

Sarah Smith, Tax Intern

Slayton Gilmore, Tax Intern

Stacie Jones, AAA Staff

Taylor Harris, Tax Intern

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