International Tax Services

Outbound Planning / Global Expansion

Growing your business beyond U.S. borders marks a major milestone for your business. It also represents a complex mix of opportunities, challenges, regulations and laws. To help you take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges, Smith and Howard’s international tax advisors undertake outbound planning, analyzing the business needs and objectives to design tax strategies that achieve those objectives while staying in compliance with U.S. and international laws.

Our tax advice for outbound planning includes determining the most advantageous entity structure and set-up, taking into account the various anti-deferral regimes (GILTI, subpart F, PFIC, BEAT to name a few). Further, we help you assess a practical approach to legal formation, financing, debt structure and transfer pricing in order to minimize tax while reducing complexity where possible. The international tax landscape has always been complex, but recently enacted and currently proposed changes to the tax laws for U.S. companies with foreign operations require constant monitoring and consideration of structural changes. Smith and Howard’s team will stay ahead of the sea change and work with you to achieve successful global operations with a minimized tax and compliance burden.