Preparation for Busy Season

by: Smith and Howard

January 24, 2018

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Happy New Year!  We have made it to another January and the start of another busy season.  This is a big time of year for Smith and Howard; 60% of the firm’s billable hours are charged during the months of January – April.  To make busy season run smoothly, it takes preparation before it begins. 

Starting in December, we reach out to all our clients.  This contact can range from a simple email to touch base to planning calls and meetings. We use these interactions to understand what our clients have been doing over the last year.  This information helps us ensure that we have the appropriate level of staffing (whether it be assurance, tax or advisory) for tax planning, initial risk assessments for our audits, etc.

For our employees, the field of accounting is ever-changing. We must stay on top of these changes. Have you heard about the new tax law or the new leasing standards?  These are things we must know and be able to discuss with our clients during busy season.  The assurance services department conducts training in November to review and educate themselves on all the GAAP and GAAS changes.  The tax department attends various training sessions in December and early January to understand new tax and compliance rules and their implications.

How do you factor in?  One of our biggest things we do to prepare is hiring quality interns.  Smith and Howard hires approximately 15 interns each busy season.  We need dedicated individuals who want to come learn, work hard, and have fun.  Busy season is a great way for a student to see what working in an accounting firm is really like. At Smith and Howard, our interns are treated just like full-time staff.  You have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of your chosen field, work with managers and partners, and work the hours other staff are working.  At the end of your internship, you will know if this is what you want to do with your career and have learned more than you can ever imagine.

We hope that you will think about joining us next year.  As for now, it’s time to begin another busy season.

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