Keep the (Donor) Love Alive

by: Smith and Howard

February 13, 2017

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Like any industry, nonprofit organizations must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to differentiating their organization from their competitors. As technology continues to evolve, there are many best practices nonprofits can use to maintain love with their current donors while increasing their donor base. Since 2017 is already in full force, here are a few marketing tips that can help all nonprofits!


Developing an effective and measurable marketing strategy is key. For nonprofits, a component of the strategy should include storytelling. Storytelling is an effective way to spark emotion and increase engagement. While it is important to be selective on the stories you tell, research shows storytelling is one of the best ways to connect to your audience which in return can drive donor engagement and ongoing support. This can be accomplished in both print and digital mediums.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another way to humanize your marketing efforts. Think about collecting a group of advocates who can help spread the organization’s mission. Specifically, think about the millennials and Generation Xers who are focused on social causes and are well-connected with others who share similar views. Also, these are going to be your advocates who are active on social media and can spread your message through multiple channels. Identifying these advocates, creating a plan for how they can endorse your brand while acting as donors and volunteers can help create awareness, trust and ultimately, donations.

The Next Generation

Research shows millennials are poised to outspend baby boomers. That said, it is important to scale content toward millennials as they will play more important roles when it comes to donations and engagement. Nonprofits should spend time cultivating relationships with millennials since they are the future when it comes to new board members, new donors and new volunteers. Take some time to think about how your organization can introduce your brand, mission and values to the millennial generation.

As online opportunities grow, nonprofits can spread awareness through many digital channels. Keep in mind that authenticity is a major player when it comes to driving donations and engagement. Nonprofits need to create a marketing strategy that is effective and measurable while also thinking ahead about how each generation is different and how to scale content accordingly. Organizations that succeed in boosting donations and bottom lines are those that create a plan for recruiting donors who already love your mission. 

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