How to Make Individual Tax Payments Online and Avoid the Hassle of Lost or Late Payments and a Trip to the Post Office

by: Smith and Howard

May 1, 2024

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Many taxpayers are seeing an increase in federal and state tax notices due to the unpredictable delivery of the US Postal Service, with tax payments being lost or significantly delayed in transit.  Such notices bring frustration, trips to the post office, and time-consuming efforts to have penalties and interest removed on timely filed (but delayed or lost) payments. 

The tax team at Smith + Howard recommends making online payments whenever possible. This ensures timely payment and an immediate receipt that can be retained as proof that payment was accepted. 

Steps for online payments for individuals are below and a list of links to the IRS and state departments of revenue follow for easy access. Please note that the process and links for corporate and partnership tax payments can be different. Contact your tax advisor for information.

How to make an Individual online payment:

Online payments should be made under the Primary Taxpayer (first person listed on your tax return).  Items you will need to complete to make an online payment:

  1. Enter your name as it appears on your tax return.
  2. Confirm your identity using your prior year tax return.  The address for verification must match where you lived at that time and not your current address if it is different.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Social Security Number.
  5. Payment amount and form number.
  6. Tax period related to the payment you are making.
  7. Type of bank account, routing number and account number.

The list of IRS and state departments of revenue is below. We invite clients of Smith + Howard to call their tax advisor with questions.

 ALASKA No State Income Tax
 FLORIDA No State Income Tax
 NEVADA No State Income Tax
 SOUTH DAKOTA No State Income Tax
 TENNESSEE No State Income Tax
 TEXAS No State Income Tax
 WASHINGTON No State Income Tax
 WYOMING No State Income Tax

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