What kind of client is right for Smith + Howard?

by: Smith and Howard

June 21, 2021

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The right client for the tax team at Smith + Howard has complex needs that require a sophisticated tax approach. We love solving problems and finding solutions; business leaders who are open and enthusiastic about engaging smart problem-solving accountants find deep value in their work with us.

Those who wish to better position themselves in the market, engage in strategic tax planning, and understand how taxes impact every business decision will find a ready and willing partner in us.Often, businesses come to Smith + Howard in a period of transition and growth and when they are looking for a true partner to address all their tax needs

For example, one of our many long-term tax clients is a manufacturer that went from operating at a loss to earning a profit. They needed help in maximizing the utilization of their prior losses to defer paying taxes while conserving cash needed to continue to fund growth. Their existing tax advisor was not up to the challenge. This was the right client for us as we were able to navigate the tax issues so that the tax losses were able to offset taxable income. We were the right fit for them because we had the expertise and the responsiveness needed along with a genuine desire to help them successfully address the challenge.

We want to work with clients who share our values and quest for excellence. If you require an elevated approach, creative thinking, and world-class tax expertise, you are the right type of client for Smith + Howard. Contact us to learn more.

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