Construction Time Tracking Success Story

by: Smith and Howard

July 17, 2015

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When he first established his business, a concrete contractor found it easy to manage timesheets and payroll. His few employees could fill out their timesheets by hand, and the company’s office assistant could manually enter the numbers into the accounting system.

But, as the business grew, this hands-on approach became unmanageable. With about 100 employees working multiple projects, tracking employee hours and correlating them with the right jobs turned into a full-time job. Worse yet, overtime was difficult to verify and control. So, the contractor asked his financial advisor for some ideas on updating and improving the process.

Construction time tracking wish list

The advisor said that, these days, getting the right information starts with deploying the right technology. He suggested the contractor look into buying time-tracking software. Employees could log their hours from anywhere and the system would automatically assign that time to the proper project. The advisor explained that such products are available both as stand-alone solutions and modules within more comprehensive business software. 

The contractor developed a list of criteria. He wanted his crews to be able to log hours remotely via text message as well as online. He also wished to track equipment usage, along with staff time, project by project. And he wanted a solution that would facilitate billing, integrate with his existing accounting and project management software, and generate customized reports.

The wish list didn’t end there. The contractor desired a secure system that could restrict employee access to only specific functions. In addition, he’d prefer a scalable product that could grow with his company. And he really needed strong customer support from the vendor.

Shopping trip

“Anything else?” the advisor joked. But seriously, he clarified, the contractor was ahead of the game. With so many specifics, they could more easily narrow down the list of potential products — making sure to stay within a predetermined budget. Plus, several solutions offered free trials, allowing them to see firsthand how the software would work.

After investigating his options, the contractor settled on a time-tracking app that met all of his criteria. It even came in just under budget. Best of all, the provider trained his key staff members and offered ongoing support via e-mail, phone and instant messaging.

Profitability improvements

Implementing the time-tracking software was a challenge. Many employees were slow or hesitant to adapt to the new system, so the contractor and his management team really had to champion the cause. But, now that the solution is up and running, the company is better tracking its labor costs and seeing improvements in profitability.

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