Holy Cow!
Oct 24,2016
As I started to write this, the Chicago Cubs were preparing to play the MLB Championship Series against the Dodgers. And now, they are IN the World Series! Holy Cow! What, you might ask, does this have to do with leadership and why does it belong on a leadership blog? If I answer honestly, I’ll have to say nothing and it probably doesn’t belong here. I could figure out a way to weave the importance of leadership into the Cubs' long, hard road back to success and the leadership of their team (e.g. Epstein, Maddon, etc.) I could talk about what a never-say-quit approach means when it comes to players, management and fans…how being without a World Series appearance since 1945 (or a win since 1908) affects management decisions in ways that are sometimes good, but sometimes desperately bad. And how when there’s finally success after such a long drought,...

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