Qualities of Leaders: Having a Positive Attitude and Inspiring Others
Aug 30,2016
This is the third in my series on 10 Qualities of a Leader, taken from a list published by Forbes. In this segment, I’d like to touch on Having a Positive Attitude and Inspiring Others; they are connected and one affects the other. In fact, Wade Boggs, former professional baseball player and Hall of Fame Inductee says, “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”I have days where I am pelted from all sides with problems, challenges and issues that could create a downcast, frustrated or simply tepid approach to my day and to people I am around.  I’m not unique in this – my guess is when you read that last sentence, you said, ‘Hey, that happens to me, too. It’s not just you, John!” A leader – whether it’s a leader of a business,...
Leading Through Leisure: How a Hobby Can Build a Stronger Career
Aug 10,2016
For the last five years, I've had a new passion. I'm not quite sure of its genesis, but I suspect it was related to a problem I needed to solve that was a bit out of my comfort zone.Storage space in our home was woefully inefficient for all the mystery boxes and belongings my wife and I had accumulated over the years. Somehow I decided I could master a do-it-yourself project which I was pretty much unqualified to undertake. Imagine our surprise when we actually ended up with functional, attractive shelving in our home.OK, I admit to being pretty smug about that success, but thinking back, it was the process of transformation that launched my interest. There's something about the feel and the smell of the wood, the stress of frequent failures and adapting to them, and the pleasure of a finished project that has gotten me hooked on woodworking....

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