September 21, 2023

Assemble+ Newnan

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Challenges and Opportunities in AI and Cybersecurity for Manufacturers

Join us on September 21 in Newnan, Georgia to engage in thought-provoking conversations focusing on the current state, challenges, and opportunities of AI and cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry.

This roundtable event will provide a unique opportunity to connect with other C-suite leaders of manufacturing businesses in the Newnan area. You’ll have the chance to pose your AI and cybersecurity questions to our panelists and your industry peers. Topics will include:

AI and Cybersecurity:

  • Current state of AI and Cybersecurity in manufacturing
  • Emerging AI technology for use in traditional manufacturing
  • Demystifying AI: application and future state based on statistical data, not fear mongering
  • Ethical implications of AI

Opportunities for Manufacturers:

  • Enhanced efficiency + productivity, quality control and defect detection, predictive maintenance and asset management
  • Resources Available to Manufacturers
    • Federal Economic Administration Grant
    • Service Providers as resources

Speakers are:

  • Jackie Killings: Co-founder of K & M Technologies
  • Oliver Villacorta: Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Services at Smith + Howard
  • Sean Madhavaraman: Project Manager, Industry 4.0, Strategy and Leadership Development with GA Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Venue Info

The Newnan Centre

1515 Lower Fayetteville Rd Newnan, GA 30265