Three Things to Help Hold Your Team Accountable During This Time

by: Smith and Howard

March 31, 2020

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1. Publish Commitments, Goals and Expectations – Write meeting recaps that clearly state who is responsible for doing what and by-when they committed to do it. It is much, much harder to hold someone accountable for something that has not been clearly documented. Performance expectations and roles and responsibilities should also be clearly documented to help you and your team understand what is expected and hold each other accountable.

2. Hold Simple and Regular Recap Meetings – The published commitments, goals, and expectations won’t be very effective if nobody ever refers to them or whips them out at meetings to check in on the status of individual commitments. This is where meetings can be a very important part of your accountability structure. If team members know that the recap containing their previously made commitments are going to be reviewed at future meetings, they are more likely to fulfill on their commitments.

3. Improve Your Ability to Effectively yet Respectfully “Call People Out” – The tendency is to avoid conflict.   Do not give into this.  If a team member is not meeting the expectations you have laid out for them, let them know.  Recap the expectation and the commitment the member made.  Ask why they were unable to fulfill the commitment.  High performing and successful organizations (and teams) recognize that conflict can be a good thing when it highlights problems, promotes changes through collaboration, and ultimately strengthens togetherness.

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