Wealth Management Services

In 1999, Smith & Howard Wealth Management (SHWM) was formed to address what we saw as a growing need for comprehensive wealth management services for high net worth individuals. In our experience, many wealthy individuals and families were receiving little to no personal service from their investment or brokerage firm, had portfolios that were not balanced and therefore not performing as desired, and were paying unnecessarily high fees.

SHWM, now one of the leading wealth management firms in Atlanta, Georgia, acts as Your Family CFO, providing investment management, financial planning, tax coordination, estate planning, retirement planning, legal coordination and administrative oversightfor affluent individuals and families.

The firm is an SEC-registered advisor and is staffed with seasoned professionals who hold the Certified Financial Planner and Certified Public Accountant designations as well as many who have been in the investment business their entire professional lives. Please visit the SHWM website or call 404.874.6244.

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