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Estates and Trusts

Estate planning is your opportunity to define your legacy. In simple terms, effective estate planning allows you to arrange the transfer of your accumulated assets according to your desires while minimizing any associated taxes. These tax structures – which have significant financial implications – face potentially sweeping changes, making planning difficult and complex. In fact, proposed amendments to estate tax laws are so significant that it would require many to reevaluate their current plans if passed.

Other fluctuating factors that influence estate planning include family relationships, financial status and personal goals. At Smith and Howard, our experienced tax, financial and estate planning professionals zero in on ways potential legislative and life circumstances may impact your overall approach. We’re prepared to adjust and offer guidance as these variables shift the balance between your original intent and the current environment.

Your intent is where we start. We begin our journey with you by understanding your deeply held ambitions as to your family objectives, charitable plans and desired legacy. It is only after we have this guiding insight that we work with you to develop an estate plan that gives you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your affairs are in order.

Throughout your life, we monitor your progress and offer counsel on needed adjustments. As we work with you to review and update your plans, we remain focused on ensuring the plan is the right plan for you and your family. This includes coordination with your other professional advisors so that your plan is properly implemented.

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