Specialized Tax Services and Cost Segregation Services

International Tax Services

Smith & Howard’s strong team of international tax professionals serve our large family of clients with international operations. These clients value the expertise and insight we provide on ways to help global businesses achieve their financial and strategic goals and stay on top of the latest international tax matters. Our independent member status with the BDO Alliance USA provides an important supplement to our international resources. Working with this global network, we coordinate and oversee services (in native languages when helpful) around the world to help meet the needs of our clients – from North America to Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean.


Estate Planning

Estate planning, while not a topic we all love to discuss, is a vital tool for determining the what, who and how of your accumulated wealth when you’re gone. And because tax laws that affect estate planning matters change frequently, it is especially important that individuals engage a well-qualified professional to develop an estate plan.

Smith & Howard provides a wide range of services to assist with estate, business succession and retirement planning. With the resources and commitment to stay on top of tax laws, rulings, planning techniques and more, we are well equipped to help you establish or review your estate plan. Because your estate plan is a key piece of a comprehensive financial plan, we also work in tandem with other professional advisors (attorneys, lenders, insurance agents, investment advisors) to be sure that all aspects of an estate plan are in sync. But perhaps most importantly, we are committed to helping you develop and implement an estate plan that provides you with a high level of security, comfort and assurance.


Cost Segregation Reports

Owners of commercial real estate typically depreciate their building construction, renovation or acquisition costs over 39 years. Smith & Howard’s cost segregation services can identify opportunities to reduce federal income taxes in the early years of a building’s life by accelerating federal tax depreciation deductions, with the end result being an increase in cash flow. Our engineering-based studies are supported by IRS regulations, rulings and case law. Prior to committing to a cost segregation project, we provide an estimate of tax savings through accelerated depreciation through an initial examination of pertinent documentation.

Smith & Howard has the expertise to help you achieve your financial and strategic goals. For more information on these services, just fill out the form on this page. A member of our team will contact you.

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