Enterprise Risk

Risk Dashboard

Risk Dashboard

Enterprise risks go beyond cyberthreats, encompassing anything that could financially impact business operations.

To help business leaders tackle this growing challenge, Smith and Howard developed an Enterprise Risk Management Dashboard.

The dashboard presents a real-time visualization of all business risk levels and overall security effectiveness. It measures each risk area and provides updates on the security status for each functional area as determined by the business, including:

  • Operations and facilities
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales

As important as measuring and updating each functional area, the dashboard provides the means to prioritizing and resolving threats. It helps you understand and visualize the potential financial loss your business could face if it were to experience a breach or downtime. Dashboards are housed on a secure cloud-based platform and are customized for each business.

For a demonstration of the Enterprise Risk Management Dashboard, please contact us.