Enterprise Risk Security

Maintaining the integrity of your organization’s data and your customer’s data requires experience and expertise. Many organizations often overlook the importance of managing their data and are susceptible to data breaches and exploiting the organization’s sensitive information, including customer data. Having the right internal controls in place protects both parties and enhances customer confidence.  There are many standards, laws and regulations in place that organizations are required to meet and remain compliant with. Failure to hold the appropriate reports and certifications (i.e. HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) can result in multi million-dollar fines. Smith & Howard’s Enterprise Risk Security (ERS) service provides guidance and advisory services to help organizations manage risk. Information security reports and certifications not only help organizations remain compliant with regulatory standards but also increase customer confidence. Smith & Howard’s ERS team helps organizations receive the appropriate reports and certifications necessary.

The ERS team provides the following services:

Examples of reports and certifications that can be issued by Smith & Howard’s ERS team include:

The ERS team works with a variety of clients in a variety of industries including: healthcare, government, professional service organizations, telemarketing, travel, retail and higher education, among others.

Selecting the right professionals to assist your organization is important. To learn more about Smith & Howard’s ERS team please fill out the contact form below or call Marvin Willis or Martha Raber at 404-874-6244.

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