Commercial Lender Services


Smith & Howard has significant historical relationships with commercial lending institutions throughout the Southeast. We place an emphasis on providing services and value to commercial lenders by offering seminars, publications and support. Some of our lender services include:

The Lender Hotline

Provided as a complimentary service, we invite commercial lenders to call Smith & Howard to be connected with one of our commercial lending team members. We welcome questions about accounting principles and policies, taxation, collateral, acquisitions and more. No question is too trivial. Simply call 404.874.6244 and request the “Lender Hotline”.

Commercial Lending Matters

This periodic newsletter focuses on issues affecting commercial lenders. If you would like a complimentary subscription, please fill out the contact form to the right and be sure to include “CLR” in the message.

Field Investigation Services

Two particular types of field investigation service engagements we perform are pre-loan surveys and collateral monitoring engagements. An important part of a pre-loan survey might be a review of a potential customer’s internal controls. We also help you get behind the numbers in financial statements during a pre-loan survey, during which we explore with a potential customer’s assets from a collateral standpoint.

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Services for lenders include our Lender Hotline and Field Investigation Services.

D. Alan Najjar

Director of Business Development