Vision 2019

print July , 2019

Vision 2019 was Smith & Howard’s largest largest event of the year! Vision is an annual event that is open to business owners, CEOs, CFOs, other financial professionals and human resource professionals within the company. The 2019 event included one of our strongest speaker lineups in. All speakers offered insights to help you and your team understand what it takes to be strong leaders who develop other leaders and how to leverage skilled leadership into building a great organization.

Building a Preeminent Organization. When other organizations aspire to achieve what you have sustained, you and your leadership team have built a preeminent organization. Where is your business on the path to preeminence? Glen Jackson discussed the seven pillars that are the foundation of creating, maintaining and sustaining preeminence.

Leading with Power and Influence. Leaders take risks, ask for more and own their future. In turn they build great teams, profitable businesses and future leaders. Becky Blalock, Dr. Eloisa Klementich and Virginia Hepner shared personal insights and observations on leading with power and influence.

It’s Time to Get Tough. Michael Coles was Vision 2019 closing keynote speaker. He shared with us how curiosity, learning, renewal and challenges build better leaders and better organizations.

The Economy: A Certain (Uncertain) Future. Always a crowd favorite, Roger Tutterow returned to talk to us about what we can expect from the national and local economies to help us lead our organizations into 2020 and beyond.


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