Family Business Services

Family-owned businesses share many of the characteristics and issues of other privately-held companies. But with parents, children, siblings and in-laws added working together, the issues become more complex and solutions often more difficult to agree on.

Smith & Howard’s history of working as family businesses consultants has provided us with a perspective and approach that allows us to bring all sides of the table to reach an agreement and move the business forward. We recognize that the survival of the family business is dependent upon open communication within the family to maintain the business and family stability and harmony needed to build a business to last for generations. Facilitating this successfully is our goal.

Whether your need help with family business succession planning, advisory boards, growth challenges or conflict resolution, you may rely on our expert, objective advice to contribute solutions that will work for your business and your family. We will not lose sight of your family or your business objectives when we recommend accounting and tax planning solutions. You will benefit from our family business consultants who deliver first-rate financial advice that contributes to the successful future of your family business.

Could your business benefit from a family business consultant succession plan? Simply call us at 404-874-6244 or fill out the form on this page and one of our professionals will be happy to help.

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When serving our family-owned business clients, we carefully balance family and business objectives when recommending accounting and tax planning solutions.