Welcome to Pure Lucht

A little over two years ago, I assumed the role of Managing Partner of Smith & Howard, an Atlanta accounting and advisory firm. Having been with the firm almost 20 years at the time I became Managing Partner, I not only understood the foundation for the firm’s success, but wanted to make sure that during my tenure, the firm would keep the foundation and build upon it.

The transition into my new role was gradual, and I worked closely with our co-founding partner and then-Managing Partner, Jim Howard to make sure our clients, our employees and our leadership team were comfortable with Smith & Howard’s direction.

The experience has been enthralling, challenging and at times exhilarating. More importantly, it has taught me valuable lessons that I hope to share with you in my future posts.

The purpose of Pure Lucht is to provide readers with the insights into business (far beyond accounting) and being a “second generation” leader. My posts will focus on issues and topics that are in the forefront of the minds of thought leaders and C-level executives of companies, regardless of the industry. I plan to discuss succession planning, tips on leading a company, branding, how to empower employees and more. From time to time, I’ll include guest posts in order to provide you with different points of view.

If at any time you would like to respond to one of my posts, feel free to comment in the appropriate section, or email me. I welcome your thoughts, as well as any requests for future posts.

John Lucht