Qualities of Leaders: Having a Positive Attitude and Inspiring Others

This is the third in my series on 10 Qualities of a Leader, taken from a list published by Forbes. In this segment, I’d like to touch on Having a Positive Attitude and Inspiring Others; they are connected and one affects the other. In fact, Wade Boggs, former professional baseball player and Hall of Fame Inductee says, “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”

I have days where I am pelted from all sides with problems, challenges and issues that could create a downcast, frustrated or simply tepid approach to my day and to people I am around.  I’m not unique in this – my guess is when you read that last sentence, you said, ‘Hey, that happens to me, too. It’s not just you, John!” A leader – whether it’s a leader of a business, a team of employees or a group planning a party – has a special responsibility to shoulder problems, challenges and issues while conveying a positive attitude. That doesn’t mean you’re denying the issues; in fact, it’s helpful for you to acknowledge them and discuss with the group (many heads are better than one). It simply means that while you know problems exist, you also know that you and your team are capable of banding together, developing an answer to the problem and seeing it through. You, as the leader, must be the one to remember and to remind others that there is a solution and the problem is temporary. Part of that reminder to your team is the attitude you carry as you work to solve the problem.

If your shoulders stay hunched over, the scowl seems more apparent than the smile or tone is more snappy than welcoming, your team will pick up on your message and start reflecting it. And where does that get you when it comes to solving problems?

With a consistently positive attitude, your team will become consistently positive. And with that, Wade Boggs’ quote begins to come to fruition: the “chain reaction of positive thoughts” becomes positive events and outcomes. If, as a leader, you reflect an attitude of confidence, ability and enthusiasm, you will raise a team that is like you. You will inspire them to be positive, to know that they can accomplish much – even in the face of problems and challenges, and you will help propel them to create results (“extraordinary results,” even) that come from inspiration.

What is your attitude as a leader and how are you inspiring others?

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John Lucht 

For the original Forbes article on 10 Qualities of a Leader, go here.

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