Building a team of “A” players

Back in January, I wrote that we were being very clear about our firm goals for the year and planned to communicate openly and frequently about those goals. One of my personal goals has been to write the entire office every Monday with a quick note about how we are (or are not) making one of our goals happen, ways to stay focused and what our goals mean to the group as a whole.

I thought this would be a difficult task. But I’ve found it to be much easier than I originally thought. Why? When the firm’s goals are established and communicated and everyone is already working in sync to achieve the goals, the emails seem to write themselves.

For instance, our “passionate commitment to responsive, personal service” is demonstrated every single day by dozens of people in the firm. So when I want to congratulate someone for a job well done, I have plenty of material to work with. When our growth goal is the theme, it’s easy to find someone who has been actively pursuing new business even while they were spending six days a week serving clients. The list goes on.

Which brings me to a valuable leadership lesson: Build a team of “A” players. We have done that at Smith & Howard. Which means that my task for the next 40 weeks should be a fairly easy one.