Are You The Leader or The Facilitator?
May 31,2016
Are you the leader or the facilitator? There’s nothing wrong with being either one. But if you think you’re a leader and you’re really a facilitator, you need to reexamine your roles and your goals. A leader is most focused on where a group is going, or as blogger John W. Richardson says, “the definition of leadership is to turn around and see if anyone is following you.” I’ve written before about the role of leaders and how everyone is a leader at some point. This post will discuss more about the role of the facilitator and will give you two simple tips that we use at Smith & Howard to get things done more consistently.A facilitator helps the group reach the goals. Inherent in the role of facilitator is project and time management. The facilitator is all about getting things done. As that same blogger said about facilitators, “If...

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