What’s a boss and why celebrate the role?
Oct 16,2015
Today (October 16) is National Boss’s Day. What an odd thing, to make celebrating one’s boss an obligatory day. Of course, there are national just-about-anything days, including National Bagel Day, National Candy Corn Day and National Coffee Day (now there’s one I can learn to appreciate, as many of you who know me well see me with a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee daily). While I don’t think employees should ever feel obligated to celebrate their boss because there is a national day for bosses, I do think it’s worth the boss’s time to consider what would make him or her worth celebrating.By definition, a boss is “a person who employs or superintends workers” and “a person who makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates, etc.”While those responsibilities can bring up negative connotations to some people, if one “bosses” with the right intentions and motivations, the result can be happy, productive employees who...

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