Pure Lucht
Leadership Lessons Learned by John Lucht

Google is such a great way to see the topics that are trending. If you search for “leading through” topics, you’ll find a bevy of “leading through adversity,” “leading through change,” and “leading through tough times” subjects. You won’t find quite as many results when you search for “leading when successful.”

From my observations, I believe that leading when you are successful provides unique challenges and potential for big stumbles if it isn’t done well. Why? Often, the lack of leadership focus in good times is the result of complacency (Everything is great, let’s just ease back and relax.) or arrogance (We made it! Nothing can stop us now.) Woe to the leader who takes this approach. Learning from your...

I recently returned from a trip to the Agalta Valley in Honduras that I took with the Wilderness Team from Honduras Outreach. One of our purposes was to guide a group of villagers in building and installing water stands that would provide fresh water to the churches, schools and homes of various villages – 114 water stands in all.

On the surface, the project was fairly straightforward and simple: build and paint stands with the locals who would be using them, deliver the stands and train individuals on their use. Of course, the ultimate success of the project was more complex: it depended on the team itself working well together; it depended on our ability to overcome language barriers with the villagers...

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