Pure Lucht
Leadership Lessons Learned by John Lucht

A resolution is “a firm decision to do or not do something.” If you made a resolution and someone told you that you had only a 10% chance of actually seeing it through, what would you think? I would think that my resolution was probably not realistic. And I would be right.

Many of us make obligatory, though well-intentioned, New Year’s resolutions. I urge you to stop and reconsider. Statistics show that only 8-12% of New Year’s Resolutions are actually accomplished. And almost all New Year’s resolutions fail by January 15. Not exactly a record of success, is it?

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, I encourage you to look at the year ahead. What do you hope to...

Leaders develop leaders who develop leaders who develop…..you get the drift. One of Smith & Howard’s values is Perpetuity and Leadership: We desire that the firm transcend generations and be a place where future partners can succeed.  This was in full display at our holiday party last weekend, where our founding partners, a retired audit partner, current partners, emerging leaders and future partners all gathered to celebrate a great year. 

Jim Howard and Joe Smith spent their careers serving clients and cultivating the future leaders of the firm. We continue to do this today, working to make sure our current leadership keeps our values top of mind in all things, and helping our future leaders develop and learn what has...

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