Pure Lucht
Leadership Lessons Learned by John Lucht

I recently hosted a panel discussion of a group of experienced CPA firm partners. The purpose of that group was to discuss best practices of our firms and of our roles. It was a good , productive discussion that benefited each of us. But what was particularly enlightening for me and others was the fact that, no matter how long we have each been in our profession or our current roles, we still:

  1. Have a lot to learn; no matter where we are in our careers, we can benefit from training
  2. Need to ask for and listen to the advice of our peers
  3. Must seek input from those outside our profession and recognize that
  4. ...

Deadlines (goals with absolutely end dates attached) require laser focus and cohesive teamwork. Accounting firms experience this through regulatory deadlines, April 15 being the most well known. In the  months leading up to April15, we have an "all in" spirit - we know the goal and we know how to reach it. Everyone gets on the same page and even though we wonder every year if it we will get finished "this time,", it does get finished and we do meet the deadline.

But what happens after April 15 is as important, and as the post from LeadershipNow (below) points out, post-deadline may be the most dangerous time of all. Using climbing Mount Everest as an example, the author notes...

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