Pure Lucht
Leadership Lessons Learned by John Lucht

It surprises many people to learn that accounting firms can bill up to 50% of their revenue in the first four months of each year. Not only does this speak to the volume of work created by demands for audits and IRS-required tax filings, it also provides a hint into the hours and brain power used by everyone in an accounting firm during that time. And I mean everyone.

At Smith & Howard, there really is no “i” in team - we all pitch in at some level during busy season. Even having participated in over 20 years of busy seasons at Smith & Howard, I still find myself in awe at the incredible staff we have, the positive attitudes...

I consider myself extremely fortunate to work with about 100 very smart people at S&H. Many of them are young, energetic professionals who have ideas and ambitions that are broader and more creative than anything I would dream up on my own.

Our challenge as leaders? To recognize this energy and creativity and help our staff channel that energy in ways that interest them and help them grow and at the same time provide solutions our clients need. 

About 7 months ago, we decided to establish a scholarship program at the Atlanta Technology Village (ATV) providing free rent for a year to a total of four tech start-ups. While this was a firm-wide initiative, it was our younger staff members...

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