Financial Search & Placement
Finding the right people for your business

Financial Search & Placement

Finding quality financial professionals for your business is a challenge under the best of circumstances. The challenge is made more difficult when you understand the importance and difficulty of combining skill, education and credentials to fit the job requirements with the character and traits that are vital to a good cultural fit.

Because of our own experience as accountants and advisors, the Financial Search & Placement group of Smith & Howard understands your business and the role financial professionals play in its success. Daily interactions with financial professionals in our client organizations gives us hands-on experience with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to filling those positions. We focus on businesses in Georgia and the Southeast, but can extend to locations in other areas of the U.S. when needed.

Our Director of Financial Search & Placement, Blayne Shelton, has experience in public accounting and industry as well as in a professional recruiting capacity. In addition, some of our partners have spent portions of their careers as industry financial professionals, giving them first-hand knowledge of the skills and character needed.

The Financial Search & Placement team fills financial professional positions at all levels, including CFOs, controllers, senior accountants, internal auditors, financial and business systems analysts, staff accountants and bookkeepers. If there is a financial role in your business, our Financial Search & Placement group can help you find the right person to successfully fill it.


Please call Blayne Shelton at 404-874-6244 or complete the contact form below to schedule a phone conversation or appointment.